Medical Clinic & Dispensary

Established in 1984 by revolutionary, Darshan Singh "Canadian", in the memory of Ghadrite Leader, Piara Singh Langeri, this medical dispensary has provided free health care for many years, to the poorest of villagers, from miles around.
Over the decades, however, the dispensary has deteriorated, both structurally and operationally.  Villagers unable to afford treatment elsewhere, still depend on this clinic today, but many times cannot receive care due to the lack of resources available.
It was a dream shared by Mohan, to restore this dispensary to a capacity that would give fair treatment to those who deserve it most; the way Darshan once envisioned.
This clinic will serve as the first working model to be templated across rural Punjab.
Modernize structure of current dispensary and clinic.  Include an on-call emergency room available 24/7 for medical crisis.  
Implement safety and sanitary systems and practices.  Provide all patients free access to qualified medical for a minimum of 5 days per week.  Provide free routine immunization from birth.  Provide critical medicines for the poor.  Prototype an addiction treatment program.
To implement an online system of checks and balances, including medical and operational expenditures.  Retro-fit green energy solutions for sustainability and cost-effectiveness.
Build template in next village and repeat.